Sunday, February 2, 2014

Well, ARE you a Potter ?

Yes, or Maybe...   or Maybe Not??
I have lots of ideas for clay projects, but I'm a little short of follow-through. Christmas was an incentive to make presents and "Gift Tag Ornaments" (cookie cutter shapes in porcelain) but as usual, I got overly enthusiastic and have a stack of porcelain hangy-things dated 2013. No use for those any more... anybody want one?

I made several  Christmas candle lanterns for family, again... way more than I needed. Those don't have dates on though, so I can keep them for later. I think I have five or six wind chimes, too... but as usual, they aren't finished. My friend Janice tried to get me to commit to her Holiday Open House/ Craft Fair this year, but I wasn't ready. November of 2014 for sure, though... I'll be ready with enough stuff to show by then.

Prior to 2013, I had pretty much dismissed anything that didn't involve a wheel as "beginnerish", much to my chagrin. But I said that already. Way more to the skills needed for hand-building than I knew! I want to give some credit for my enlightenment here: Maria S. at Georgie's Clay Company in Eugene got me started, and I've been altering and sculpting my tiny heart out since last summer. Way fun! Why was I such a SNOB!!! Don't answer that.